Meet Charo Galura and her debut EP ‘Life Through the Apocalypse’

The debut EP of Italian Filipino singer-songwriter and ex-model Charo Galura, Life Through the Apocalypse [Jupiter Music], is out today.

Charo combines electronic psychedelic blues, a sharp voice and deep “look on the bright side” philosophy that will blow you away. Simply made of voice, this debut Ep showcases Charo’s both artistic and personal journey.

The sound inebriates the listener with an exciting melancholy that aims at conveying a very powerful message: look positively at the dark side of life.

We interviewed Charo to find out more about her music and her fascinating concepts.

GRIOT: Tell us about you. What are your musical influences and how was this project born?

Charo Galura: I’ve always wanted to be a musician, I grew up with blues, especially Lightnin’ Hopkins, R.L. Burnside, Howlin’ Wolf etc. I really like that old, country style blues and personally I think it’s impossible to be a musician without a blues background, because most of today’s music comes from there. I listen to different genres as well, like progressive rock, stuff like Kim Crimson, Robert Wyatt and so on.

Before starting this solo project, I’ve collaborated in other projects that are still ongoing. I do electronic and electro jazz with two bands, but a while ago I finally took courage and started focusing on my solo career.

I decided to sign up for a rock contest [Controradio] and with great surprise I was shortlisted and I ended up at the semi-finals! It was a great challenge for me because for the first time I played my songs live. Then I did another contest [Tuscany 100 Bands] and I won the funding which I invested in making the EP and the video for the lead single, Oh Lover.

Let’s talk about your EP, Life Through the Apocalypse. I know there is a lot of philosophy behind it, tell us what the concept is and how you composed the tracks.

This is a difficult question. Unfortunately, I went through a very bad period of my life and in that moment I discovered the best side of myself, both musically and personally. I grew up a lot thanks to these experiences and this  also pushed me to start my solo project.